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Keyword search can help you find your home quicker

Looking for a home can sometimes be overwhelming. You may input the area and price range but still have trouble finding that perfect property to suit your lifestyle. Many of our users have very specific requirement so we invested in improving our keyword search so that they can search via amenities, features or even street address.

Simply click the filters button on the search results page and add in any keywords you like. For features with more than one word just add inverted commas and it will search the full terms in all our ads.

While looking into this feature we saw that many users already used the older keyword search and for many space seemed like the most important thing to purchasing a property. People also seem to appreciate old worldly charm too and were looking for period homes. Here are the top three keywords so far this year:

  1. Acre

  2. Period

  3. Cottage

Improved keyword search is now available on our touch site. Coming soon to apps.


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