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What's Approved Assist and how can it help?

Buying a home is really difficult. From choosing a mortgage to making offers on properties we know that it's hard to know what estate agents need to prove you're ready to buy. This is how we can help.

What is it?

We offer a service exclusively for Daft users that will get you in the best position to start making offers on homes. With expert advice and tools we will also provide proof of your status to agents when it's the right time, without giving too much away.

Why do you need it?

If you are viewing properties and you have found "the One" you will want to make an offer. To do this the estate agent may ask for your mortgage approval document. This details some of your personal information, the confirmation that the lender has approved your mortgage and it specifies the amount you will be borrowing.

With Approved Assist we can validate that document and let the agent know that you are mortgage ready so you don't need to send them other sensitive data. This protects your privacy while also not revealing your mortgage approval amount or maximum budget, so no one else knows the highest you could bid.

What else do you get?

By registered with Approved Assist you also gain access to our mortgage expert, Ivan. His experience will guide you through all the complicities of home-buyer and the only side he's on is yours!

Anything else?

The best part is it's FREE so give it a try today and see how we can Approved Assist can help you put your best foot forward.

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