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BER filters are now live – but what do they mean?

BER is a Building Energy Rating certificate and is compulsory for all homes that are put on sale or rent in Ireland. With ratings from A1 to G showing the property’s energy performance of a home, it’s a really useful indication of the likely running costs of a property house-hunters are thinking of buying or renting.

The BER is the calculated energy use for water and room heating, ventilation, hot water and lighting based on a standard occupancy. Similar to the energy label on kitchen appliances, like fridges, A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and therefore they tend to be more comfortable and have the lowest utility bills.

Most homes in Ireland built before 1990 have a score of D rating or lower, whereas house built since 2011 have a really strong level of air tightness and are much more energy efficient. However, a low energy rating doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. It’s good to keep in mind that a bit of investment in a property can greatly improve the BER, such as upgrading windows to double-glazing or getting a new energy-efficient boiler. There are many SEAI grants available here too if you were considering upgrading your home to be more efficient. Working on improving the BER of your house could mean much lower heating bills in the long run, which is always great news.

BER is on all listings on and now you can filter by the rating on our apps and mobile site to find your perfect property.


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