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Boost your home’s value in 6 easy steps.

Key areas to focus on when planning to sell your home.

Ready to sell? Investing in a few small changes could result in a big boost in the value of your home to prospective buyers. Here are some upgrades that won’t break the bank, but may help seal the deal when someone comes to view your place.

Get off on the right foot.

First impressions matter the most. This includes both the photographs you put up with your listing and also how you present your home when someone comes to view it.

Keep the entrance area tidy and clean and add fresh shrubbery and/or trim hedges along the path if you have one. If you have a front garden, weed it. Fresh flowers in the hall or on a kitchen table can make a huge difference. Also don’t underestimate the impact of replacing your front door or giving it a fresh coat of paint.


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Bathroom basics.

Make the bathroom area appealing. Give it a good clean and remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated. Fresh paint or tiles can have a huge difference on this room.

Replace your soap dispenser with a new one, buy a new toilet seat, add some flowering plants or even fake flowers.

Update the fixtures if you have the budget and replace older frosted glass with contemporary clear glass.


Add some zen to the den.

Layout some scented candles and light some before anyone arrives.

Remove all clutter, turn off the television and add some neutral colours to make your living room a more relaxing and inviting space.

Whoever is viewing your home, will be picturing themselves relaxing here after a long day at work.


Get the kitchen working.

As the engine of the house, the kitchen needs to be impressive, practical, inviting and warm.

Give everything a really good clean before anyone comes to view the place your home. Replace cabinet doors, handles, drawers and lights.

A quick coat of paint can wipe years off your kitchen and a subtle colour change could bring it right into the modern era.

Leave the table set. It looks inviting as does the lingering smell of freshly cooked bread.


Let there be light.

Check every light.

If something doesn’t work – change the bulb or fix it.

Replace lamp shades if your older ones are looking tired. A new lamp can freshen up a room while a dated one needs to be retired before anyone walks through the door.

Add more light to darker rooms if you’re showing at night. Rooms will appear larger. How large a room feels is just as crucial as to how large a room is.

Change the layout.

Removed clutter already?

Try changing the layout.

Add an extra bed and remove the table and chair from the upstairs office. You could turn a 3 bed home into a 4 bed for example, quite easily.

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home and especially so, when prospective buyers may have just a short time to view your property and they are often viewing multiple homes all in the same day. Making a few easy and inexpensive upgrades in each room in your home ensures you showcase your home to its full potential.


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