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Check out our new iPhone and iPad app!

Are you tired of boring property apps that just copy each other? I was when I was trying to find my home. That’s why the team here in Daft has been hard at work on a brand new version of our iOS app. We wanted to stand out from the rest and offer our customers something different.

The first thing we wanted to focus on in this app was to make browsing properties an enjoyable experience. This is why many of the changes you will see are around our search results and property pages.


We’ve removed those tiny photos of properties that you need 20/20 vision to view and we have replaced them with beautiful, large, high resolution photos that are a pleasure to just flick through. The information you need about a property is now easier to browse and read and we’ve made it simpler than ever to share what you like with your friends.

There’s also a few new features that will make using the app a much nicer experience. You’ll come across these as you use the app:

Hint: look out for auto zooming maps, a calendar integration for upcoming viewings and more…

Finally, and after many customer requests (thank you for that) we have enabled syncing of saved searches and properties on app and web. So if you save a property on the app, you can find and view it again later on web. If you save a search on web you can view it on… you get the idea.

The larger photos along with the knowledge that every month more and more Daft customer browse properties on mobile, now makes it more important than ever for our landlords and estate agents to upload many good quality photos of their properties. In return you’ll see a higher view rate and more leads.


The update is already in the App Store so if you already have the app you’ll be able to update now and if not you can download it and get browsing!

We’ll also have a Android update with many of these features available in the coming weeks and even more updates and features on the way after that.

We hope you enjoy this app and remember, as always, we value your feedback, comments and suggestions which help us improve the app. Every member of our team reads our feedback so send us an email to

Guest blog by Noel Tate – Mobile Product Manager.

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