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Daft has its busiest day to date.

Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Every January at Daft we always see a big spike in traffic to our site and yesterday was no exception.

According to Google Analytics, yesterday (3rd January 2012) we experienced our busiest day on Daft to date. We delivered more than 7 million page impression to over 180,000 visitors. Looking at our server logs, at peak we were handling over 620 requests a second.

What’s even more interesting is that over 1.6 million of these pages (1,639,117 to be precise) were delivered to visitors using a mobile device – the Daft iPhone App delivered 904,448 impressions alone!

Just to put that in comparison, back in 2005 we issued a press release about our busiest day to date. Back then delivering 500,000 page impressions to 16,000 visitors was considered a busy day!

Another random interesting traffic stat for the day: Daft now has more iPad users than IE6 users!

Ciarán @ciaranmaher


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