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Getting your home ready to sell

So you’re selling your home? One of the last things on your mind as you prepare to move is probably investing in the property you’re selling.

That said; to avoid turning off some potential buyers you need to make sure your home looks the best it can as it arrives on the market.

Here are our top six tips for ensuring your home is ready.


Prospective buyers will probably first come across your property online and it’s important to make sure that you give them a good first impression. Freshly painted walls both inside and outside can give your home a warm and welcoming feel. If you are repainting; neutral colours can help your home stand out.

The Bathroom


A sparkling bathroom can make a massive difference to the impression you make on prospective buyers. You can do small things like replacing the bathroom curtain, placing a plant by the window or buying new rugs. Make sure that the sinks/tub and shower look clean and remove any limescale. A dirty bathroom certainly won’t help make a good impression.


Make sure to clear clutter and present your home in a neat and tidy manner when listing it. Clear away items like toothbrushes, razors and shower soap from bathrooms. In the kitchen take off items that are cluttering your kitchen counters and make sure to wipe them down so they are clean and also tidy.


Dining Room

Make sure to have at least three light sources in a room. With more viewings taking place in the evenings and the days shortening, it will be key to make sure your home is warm and welcoming.

The Kitchen

While you may not want to install a new kitchen into a home you’re selling, you can still spruce it up without having to invest too much. Give the cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Clean out any dirt that may have accumulated on the tiles.


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