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Getting Your Home Insurance Sorted

When do you need your home insurance in place?

After your property has been valued you will receive a formal letter of offer explaining the remaining conditions you need to meet to get your mortgage cheque.

The two big conditions are usually that you have to get mortgage protection insurance and home insurance.

So that you don’t slow things down it’s best to get your home insurance sorted as soon as you have an up to date valuation.

Why do you need home insurance in place?

Lenders will demand that you have home insurance in place before allowing you to draw down on your mortgage, this insurance ensures if the property is damaged by fire for example it will be repaired or rebuilt.

The lender is securing their loan on the property so they want to make sure the property remains in good condition.

If you are buying an apartment this is sometimes known as ‘block’ insurance as there is often a single policy for the whole building.

How do I get home insurance in place?

It’s usually pretty quick and painless to get your home insurance sorted and it all can be done online. The key thing is to get the cheapest quote you can by going to a broker who will look at the whole market as you will likely be paying the insurance for the whole of your mortgage term.

Get the cheapest quote from all available insurers here building insurance quote.


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