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How Much Is My Property Worth

By Moovingo, The Modern Estate Agent with No Commission or Complications.

@ Your Fingertips

With tonnes of free data at your fingertips, estimating the value of your property is easy. Our guide is intended as a useful starting point to help you determine an independent and unbiased assessment of what your home might be worth in today’s market. 

As a real estate agent, Moovingo will provide a face to face valuation at the property and take into account special features, location, any opportunities and market conditions. We will combine this information with our experience, expertise and local knowledge to provide an all-important accurate valuation. If we are lucky enough to be instructed, we’ll deliver a personal high-impact marketing and sales campaign using traditional and digital platforms to optimise exposure and attract buyers. Adding some extra oomph, our technology sets us a cut above the rest and unlike other agents, we provide all this for one fair Fixed Fee, saving you thousands in fees!

But that’s enough about us, here are the 4 simple steps to estimating your home’s value. 

1. Get organised

List For Sale and Sold properties along with their key attributes. You can get pretty detailed on it if you wish, but the below should be suffice to get the ball rolling. 

  1. Price

  2. Size

  3. Price Per Square Foot / Meter

  4. Type of Property

  5. Number of Bedrooms

  6. Number of Bathrooms

  7. Aspect

  8. Parking

  9. BER

  10. Garden / Balcony

  11. Listed / Sold Date

  12. Access to Transport

  13. Notes

2. What’s on the market? has all the properties and filters you need to hone in on to see what’s on the market. Filter by Area and then start to narrow or broaden your search to find comparables. Insert the comparable properties to your list so we can review at the end.

For Sale: 19 Chelmsford Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

3. What’s recently sold

The Property Price Register (PPR) provides detail on actual sold properties, it really does just skim the barrel in terms of information but once you have the address, you can find the old listing online.

To get comparable data such as pictures, size, bedrooms etc google the address and find the old property listing, this way you can eliminate or confirm if the property is a good comparable.

If the old listing link does not work, view the cached version – see red arrow below. If you cannot find it, email us the address and we will do the digging 

4. Here’s what else to watch out for

Potential Rental Income

Review how much similar properties rent for (both short and long-term). and AirBnB can help you here. Certain properties can generate higher incomes through short-term rentals and this can add serious value to your property. Investors typically look for properties that they feel will appreciate in value, maximise rental income or a combination of both.


What makes your property unique. A view to die for? Unique features can have a very positive impact on the price.


Opportunity to extend or develop the property can add tremendous value. Check what work neighbouring properties have completed or chat with an architect, agent or builder for an opinion.


Is your area on the rise or demise?

Development in the area – new developments, transports links, amenities, shopping centres and schools can all add value. New property developments are generally a plus in the current climate however they may restrict the value of your property increasing in value as quick as other properties, especially since first-time buyers have a tax back incentive to buy new.


You need to think about the economy and market sentiment. The Irish media are great for highlighting trends in the overall property market, important you try and review at a local level. Daft have comprehensive quarterly and annual reports which zoom in on specific locations. They are well laid out, easy to digest and a good source of information.

Target Market

Targeting the right demographic can influence the value of your house too – someone looking to trade down might be willing to pay more than a young family. If the rental yield is high and investors are poised to make a pretty penny, this can also drive up the price.

All Too Much? Tap Our Expertise

At Moovingo, we have a wealth of experience between us (not saying any ages, mind you). Valuations are our jam but you’re our bread and butter and we recognise how important it is to get the right valuation.

While it’s great if you do your homework and activate comparisons on the channels mentioned in this guide, we live and breathe property – the simplest things can add or detract to the value of your home and with our trained eye, we’ll find what that is and make it work to your advantage.

An accurate valuation allows you to move home with confidence, understanding how a valuation is calculated will also put you ahead of the competition when buying your next home.

Tony & Jack Co-founders @ Moovingo

So How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Having noted comparable properties, you should start to see trends, specifically around price per square foot/meter. This is a key starting point, use the other information to add and subtract value, eg a property with a preferred aspect or end of terrace location may be worth tens of thousands more. This is where we can help nail down that all important valuation.

If you want Our Expertise, Book a Free Valuation Instantly by Clicking Here or Call Us on 01 516 9999.

Thanks to our talented photographers – Follow them on Instagram @RawDublin @Eric_Dublin @lifeofreillyphotography


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