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How to make an offer on a home

Now that you've found your dream home it's time to make an offer. This can be a daunting task but read this tips to know what to expect.

Putting in an offer on the home you want, whether before an auction or for a private sale, is a similar process.

All you have to do is contact the agent by phone or email to ask if they are any current offers on the property. Then you can let them know what you are willing to pay.

Offer early and quickly

If you have found the one don't wait too long before placing a bid. Some property sales move very quickly so make sure the estate agent knows you're serious as soon as you can.

Get approval in principle

Many sellers want a simple sale so showing proof that you can afford the property could give you a big advantage. It also shows how serious of a bidder you are.

Have a limit in mind and stick to it

While in the heat of a bidding war it may be tempting to keep increasing your offer. But remember, buying a home is very expensive and there are many hidden costs so once you've set a limit stick to it. Even if it means bowing out of the sale it means you won't be in a situation later where others costs and fees can no longer be afforded.


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