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Irish house hunters set to use virtual reality technology

Viewings look set to change as buyers will soon be able to use virtual reality technology to check out their dream house.

Sherry FitzGerald has today announced plans to launch Ireland’s first virtual reality platform for viewing houses.

Samsung and Sherry FitzGerald have developed a virtual reality platform which enables buyers to do a virtual walkthrough of an unbuilt property simply by wearing the headset which transports them inside to conduct a viewing – as if they are standing in the built property.

Speaking at the launch, Ivan Gaine, Head of New Homes at Sherry FitzGerald said “We are hugely excited to be leading the field in this exciting cutting edge technology. The freedom it gives our viewers to go on a virtual walk through of an unbuilt property and appreciate the proportions of the rooms, see the views from the window and experience the expected finish of a show house all by simply putting on a headset, is very futuristic.”

Gaine continued, “The Samsung VR walkthrough is now one of the suite of marketing tools available to our developer clients and initial reaction from our clients and our ultimate buyer customers is overwhelmingly positive. We have also developed 3D printed models and touch screen technology at many of our launches and marketing suites.”


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