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Moving from an Apartment to a House

So you’re thinking about moving into a house from your apartment. Most likely this will result in a lot more living space but maybe also some mixed emotions about leaving the place you had until recently called home.

But – what about the practicalities of the move? Here are some of our top tips to take some of the stress out of moving from an apartment to a house.

Leaving a rented apartment

If you have been renting make sure you give adequate notice to your landlord. Check your lease to see what the notice period is and abide by it, also check the conditions of your agreement to avoid any disputes.

Before you do move out you should check the inventory, clean the accommodation and pay all bills associated with the apartment.


Image of Money

A lot of apartments build in the cost of utilities to your rent/maintenance fees. When you move into a house you will most likely become responsible for these. Things like garbage disposal but also other costs such as garden/exterior maintenance. Overall the benefits of living in a house and perhaps having a mortgage of your own will result in savings in the long term over renting, but it is good to be aware that it won’t be a like-for-like switch.


More than likely the house you will be moving into will have a lot more space than the apartment you were in. This doesen’t mean though that you should take everything with you. Use the opportunity to declutter. A golden rule of moving is that if you have a piece of clothing, furniture or an accessory that does not hold sentimental value that you haven’t used in a year, then get rid of it.


Radiator Utilities

Accounts like electricity, gas, water etc. will need to be closed or transferred into your name for your new house and likewise with your apartment they will need to be transferred to the new occupant. As you move out take final readings for all metered services so that you can be issued with a final bill and pay any charges you may owe.

Similarly your TV/Broadband will need to be transferred to your new home so make sure to give your provider some notice about your intended move.


Book some time off work. Moving is stressful and if you’re trying to do it in the evenings or over a weekend you may rush yourself and inadvertently cause damage trying to get items of furniture around tricky corners etc. Expect that this will take a few days to do it properly and allocate the time to do it.

Electoral register

The Electoral Register is held by your local authority. You can check it online or in local authority offices, post offices, Garda stations and public libraries. A new register is compiled each year and you have until the 25th of November to have your name included or to make any changes.

Buy lights


Most apartments have built-in lights. More than likely your new home will be a bit older than the apartment and don’t be surprised to find that all the light sockets are empty when you move in. A quick dash to the supermarket to get a few bulbs will save you a lot of hassle as night starts to fall on your first day in the new place.

Keep an overnight bag handy

Put all your essentials into one bag, it will put your mind at ease and also prevent you having to scramble through boxes to find a toothbrush only to find that your toothpaste is in another box down the hall. Keep the overnight bag in the car with your toiletries and a fresh change of clothes. That way you’ll know where they are when you need them.

Moving to a new house is a great adventure. Expect that you will hit a few stumbling blocks along the way but with some advance preparation you can make the experience as pain free as possible. Just think, after a few weeks you will have forgotten all about the move and will be enjoying your new life in your new home.


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