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Predefined Areas

What’s changing?

Currently, properties are assigned to areas selected by the advertiser in their Daft Agent System. On our new Desktop site, agents will no longer assign their own areas. Areas will be predefined based on multiple data sources including historical ads on Daft and electoral districts.

How is the property assigned to an area?

When an agent uploads a property, along with its eircode, Daft uses its latitude and longitude to assign it to the correct predefined area. A property will always fall into a minimum of 2 areas, the area and the county.

Image 1. Sample only.

One key advantage to predefined areas is that properties that are next to other areas can now appear in multiple locations. For example, if a property borders Ranelagh, Clonskeagh & Donnybrook agents no longer need to deliberate over which area to choose. The property will likely fall into all three areas. The same logic applies to properties that border counties.

Image 2. Sample only.

Are there more areas?

Predefined areas means there are more areas than we currently offer in Daft’s Agent System including ‘& Surrounds’. Let’s take an example. If a user searches the town ‘Ennis’, properties within our predefined area ‘Ennis’ will display. If a user searches ‘Ennis (& Surrounds)’ they will also be presented with properties in nearby areas. The more rural an area is, the bigger the ‘& Surrounds’ will be.

Benefits of predefined areas

  • Consistent user experience across all devices. This simplified search has been successfully tried & tested on mobile & App.

  • Properties that border other areas & counties can now appear in multiple locations.

  • A best-in-class property and map search, enabling property hunters to find more relevant results more quickly.

  • New ‘search expansion’ feature, which allows users to extend their search by up to 20KM to find even more suitable properties.

  • This new approach ensures properties are mapped to their correct location and appear in all relevant areas, enabling a better user experience and a fairer playing field for all agents.


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