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Students & Insurance

College life can be a shock. Suddenly, you’re catapulted into a whole new world of adulting: cooking, cleaning, getting to lectures and managing your finances. And aside from yourself, there’s all your stuff to look after.

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“Hang on. What stuff?”

You might not think you own a lot, but it all adds up; there’s your car, your tech, your clothes, your shoes, and prized collections of vintage runners/bags/action figures/whatever you’re into.

Your wheels

Driving is expensive, but there are ways you can cut costs and continue to run a car while you’re here. For example, the engine size, make, model and value of your car will impact the cost of your car insurance, as will your driving record and accident history. For more car insurance cost-saving tips for students, check out this blog.

Despite more of us renting – and for longer too – only one in three renters have contents insurance. You’re no different to any other renter, and are just as likely to have just as much stuff, including clothes, books, furniture, bikes and electronics. And your landlord certainly won’t be responsible for your stolen or damaged belongings; it’s up to you. With 25,000 burglaries occurring in 2015 (CSO), insuring your belongings while you’re away from home is a no brainer.

Your tech

As a student, you’re more reliant on your tech than most. As well as keeping you in touch with family and friends back home, and helping you navigate a whole new social life, take it from us your smartphone and tablet will be working overtime, as your alarm clock, personal organiser, note taker, dictionary, file repository, calendar, encyclopedia and more. If you lose or break them, it’s not only annoying – it’s expensive. So it was surprising to learn that according to research by Millward Brown, only 15% of 17-29 year olds have gadget insurance. This despite the fact that that 52% of us have experienced a smartphone screen crack, and a further 45% have lost a smartphone or dropped it down a toilet!

Your travels

With exams over, summer for most students means one of two things: travel or work. And with the advent of cheap travel, choosing the travel option has never been easier. Nowadays, half of 17-29 years olds go on two or more holidays every year. Lucky them! But not so lucky for the 22% who have experienced illness or an accident while abroad. Despite this only 29% of this cohort take out travel insurance.

Whatever you love, whatever you’re into, look after it

So as you can see, the stuff you have all adds up, and isn’t easy or cheap to replace, especially on a student budget. Although insurance is probably the last thing on your long list of to-dos, it’s actually one of those adulting necessities that will save you a whole world of pain and unnecessary expense later on. So for peace of mind and an even better college experience, start thinking about getting some decent insurance at an affordable price.

Ready to start adulting? Check out Car ’N Stuff from Liberty Insurance: affordable car insurance and renters cover, with access to travel and gadget insurance.


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