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The Dublin Rail Rent Map: By Stop

Following the success of the Dublin Rail House Price Map; we’ve pulled together the data highlighting the average rent for a two bedroom apartment close to each station on the LUAS & DART.

The most expensive station to live by is on the LUAS red line with rents by Spencer Dock averaging €1,802 a month.

As identified on the House Price map, commuters living close to the coast pay a premium with Sandymount (€1,791) and Dalkey (€1,743) (both on the DART) completing the top three most expensive slots.

Of the 85 stations featured in the map, only Fettercairn (€997), Citywest Campus (€971) and Cheeverstown (€869) fall below the €1,000 mark for average monthly rents.

Properties close to Charlemont (€1,642) and Milltown (€1,624) command the highest rents on the LUAS green line, meanwhile those living in the City centre pay the most on the LUAS red line with Spencer Dock (€1,802 ) and Tara Street (€1,648) topping the list.

 Average Rent by Line

  1. Luas Green – €1,444

  2. DART –  €1,418

  3. Luas Red –  €1,271

Commenting on the Rent Map, author of the Report Ronan Lyons said:

“These maps showing average rent by rail station reveal interesting patterns, for example how much more people pay in rent for a two-bedroom when living close the city centre or the coast. But they are also about information. Many people will not be familiar with all parts of Dublin, particularly those moving to Dublin from elsewhere, and these maps show the cost of living close to rail connections for all parts of the city, rather than the areas most commonly talked about. For that reason, this map – and updates to include for example the Luas Cross-City when it opens and core Dublin Bus services – will help all those looking for a home.”

“A more detailed research paper, due out early next year, will be able to measure the total benefit of Dublin’s rail network. This is important for government spending plans, as without any measure of the benefits, the danger is that public spending is viewed simply as a cost.”

DART Southside


Top 3

  1. Sandymount – €1,791

  2. Dalkey – €1,743

  3. Lansdowne Road – €1,722

DART Northside


Top 3

  1. Malahide – €1,407

  2. Howth – €1,391

  3. Sutton – €1,377

LUAS Green Line



Top 3

  1. Charlemont – €1,642

  2. Milltown – €1,624

  3. St. Stephen’s Green  – €1,586

LUAS Red Line



Top 3

  1. Spencer Dock – €1,802

  2. George’s Dock – €1,622

  3. Mayor Sq – NCI – €1,610

The figures shown are average prices for 2 bed apartments (controlling for time, size and type) for each of the stations on the DART & Luas lines. The sample of nearly 23,500 properties comes from the period between September 2014 and October 2015.



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