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The ultimate final walk-through checklist

When you're near the end of your property sale you can ask the agent to have a final walk-through of your new home. This is your chance to make sure you're still happy with the property and to see what repairs and upgrades are needed.

What should you bring?

  • Notepad: This will be handy for you to be able to make notes as you walk through the property

  • Phone: Use this opportunity to take lots of photos which you can share with builders, painters or other suppliers that you may work with when you get the keys

  • A Builder: If you plan on doing work on the property before you move in you can save some time by getting your builder in early to take a look at the space and give you an estimation on costs

  • A friend: Bringing someone who has experience with buying a property or has a good idea about home costs is a perfect person to bring with you. They will be able to give you advice on which issues are minor and which ones would need a lot of work.

What should you check?

  1. Check for which items are included in the sale: When you do your final walk-through the sellers have likely already moved out. This will be your chance to see which items, from appliances to curtains, they have left behind and may be available.

  2. Open windows and doors: Make sure the property can be made secure and that the windows and doors all lock properly.

  3. Try out the heating and boiler: It's a good idea to test the boiler and heating system to make sure you don't have an expensive repair as soon as you move in.

  4. Test the appliances and lighting: Switch lights on and off and test the built-in appliances. If they're not working you may be able to negotiate with the seller that this is fixed before the sale is closed.

  5. Check for pests: Take a look in the attic to make sure there's no signs of pest, rot or rodents.

  6. Inspect the kitchen and bathrooms: Mould and leaks can be expensive to repair so pay close attention to these rooms as you walk around. Turn on all the taps to see if everything is working OK.

Keep in mind, this walk-through isn't the time to try re-negotiate the contract. It's more of a final check to make sure there are no red flags that were missed at the initial inspections - or that a window has been broken or the oven removed since you last saw it. If you do find any problems with the home you can speak to the estate agent who will advice you on the next steps.


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