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Top tips to organise your whole home

Make an entrance

It’s great to arrive back in the door after a long day. Generally you’ll drop everything once you arrive. This can often lead to the entrance ending up as a hold all for backpacks, shoes, keys along with everything and anything else.

Tidy it up a bit

Add a hanger to the back of the door to hold coats, bags and anything else that normally ends up in a heap. You could also add a key and shoe rack. Just make sure to use them!

Cut laundry time in half


This is something we’d all like to do. The laundry room can often be one of the smallest rooms in the house and at the same time one of the untidiest. If you end up having to do the laundry for the entire family, this trick may prove useful.

Give everyone their own laundry basket. Put the family members name on the side of the basket to prevent any mix-ups or lost items.

Once the wash is done, rather than returning the clean laundry or leaving it in the hall or on the stairs, have everyone come and pick up their own personalised basket of clean clothing.

Take charge

Tired of the unsightly cables protruding from every power point for phones, laptops, tablets etc.?

Consider a charging station.

This way you can conceal the cables and also have one central spot that everyone can go to for power, rather than unplugging half the household appliances!

Declutter the wardrobe


The wardrobe. The thoughts of actually cleaning it out can strike fear into people, but it’s worth it.

Pick a day and tackle the wardrobe. You’ll be glad and you may even find some things that you forgot you had!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Take everything out

  • Only put back in what fits you right now

  • Make sure the floor is clear

  • Give everything a dust

  • Give to charity anything that you won’t wear again

Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to make a list now and start to work through it.

Happy organising!


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