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Tranquil country living – for just €10!!

Some deals are hard to ignore and this beautiful country cottage is one in a lifetime. Located in Foxford, Co. Mayo this home dates back over 100 years and has an abundance of charm and history. Extending down the Yellow River its a perfect oasis of calm and serenity. And yes, it could be yours for as little as €10, while also helping those who fought on the frontline of the Covid-19 virus.

The cottage is up for raffle for the people who brought Ireland through the Covid-19 Pandemic. The vendors of this cottage both had the virus and were extremely lucky to have survived it. It took enormous courage for all Health Care Workers to do what they did, everyday, going in to work, knowing they could be infected at any time. The vendors want to acknowledge what they did and the money raised is a simply gesture.

One of the owners, Joan said: “We are both Retired. I was a qualified Doctor and worked in hospitals in Ireland for many years. Patrick was a businessman and worked in many different parts of the world. We used to go to the cottage in Mayo, for holidays. It is a beautiful, peaceful place and once you go there, it is hard to leave.

This year in early March, we were travelling in Mexico, when we heard about the Coronavirus. We decided to drive back to Canada where we had been staying. We drove through the USA to Canada, going from 34C to -1C in Grants Pass, Oregon.

On the way, Patrick got a sore throat and two days later, Patrick’ s sore throat got worse and he started to get a fever and a cough. The cough became very harsh and prolonged, so much so that during the coughing spells, he became very scared and wondered if he would ever get any air into his lungs and felt that he was suffocating. He was lucky. He tells everybody it was John Jameson who saved him. I was also very lucky as I just got a sore throat for two days and fatigue. Thankfully, I was able to look after Patrick. Now that we have recovered, we both feel lucky to be alive.

As a retired medical person, I tied to re-register as a doctor and return to Ireland to help during the pandemic. However, as it was ten years since I had worked in hospital it wasn’t possible so I withdrew my application. I began to think how else could I assist the people in Ireland. We decided to raffle the cottage in Mayo instead.

Having worked in hospitals all my working life, I always though the support staff should get more. They were always cheerful, hard-working and reliable. They always made sure everything was in place and could not have been more helpful. These were the people who kept the hospital ticking over. Having seen what the virus was like with my husband, who is very lucky to be alive, I can only marvel at their strength and conviction. I admire them so much, turning in everyday, knowing the risks they were taking for themselves and their families.

These are the people we are raffling the cottage for.” #Buying


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