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What about the outside of your new home?

Most house hunters focus on what’s inside their new home, but failing to pay attention to the outside of your new home could end up costing you.

So, you’ve found the home of your dreams? As far as you are now concerned, it’s the one. You’re probably even willing to move mountains in order to secure the property. But even if this is your dream home, take a look at what’s outside before you jump in and make an offer on the property. Any property that you are considering investing in, should go through an exterior inspection.

Here are some of our top tips on what you should keep in mind when house hunting.

The Foundations

An older home may have some cracked concrete outside. This should be a red flag because moisture can penetrate  the concrete and over winter freezing temperatures can cause further problems.

If you have any concerns it is always best to get a thorough exterior inspection in tandem with an interior exterior.


Is it an older property? If so the trees that add that extra grandeur to the garden could also be causing serious problems below the ground. Take a check and see how close they are to the building. Trees that are old could break in storms with large branches causing structural damage should they hit your new home.

The roots of more developed trees can be a problem as they become bigger. When the roots spread and get too big there is a chance they can cause foundation problems. Another thing to consider is that if an older tree is removed the foundation could drop as the roots die.

Red Flags

Even if you do see some things that cause you concern, it doesen’t mean that you should walk away from your dream home.

Get a full exterior inspection and from that cost the recommendations for any improvements. This will then allow you to consider if the property is still within your budget.

Everything ok?

So you didn’t spot anything outside but just to be safe you had a full exterior inspection conducted and the home passed with flying colours? Great – but make sure to keep in mind the future maintenance of your home. Foliage will need to be pruned. Trees/bushes cut back, grass cut and new bedding plants cared for.

Remember even if  you do find something or something crops up, there is always a way to fix it and sometimes even prevent it.

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