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What you need to know about your Property tax in 2016

Who is liable for local property tax (LPT)?

If you are the liable person for the residential property on 1 November 2015 you have to pay LPT for 2016. If you (as an owner) sell your residential property after 1 November 2015 you will be liable to pay LPT on the property for 2016, even if it is sold before the end of 2015.

How much is it?

The amount of LPT due for 2016 depends on the value declared for the property on 1 May 2013 and the LPT rate applying to your property for 2016. Some local authorities have adjustedthe LPT rate for 2016. The LPT charge for 2016 on properties located within the local authority’s administrative area has been automatically adjusted to take account of the change notified by the local authority to Revenue.

You can confirm how much LPT is due for 2016 on your property by accessing your LPT record online using your PPSN, Property ID and PIN.

Details of property valuation bands and the amount due for 2016 are available at: Confirming the amount of LPT due for 2016. The table includes the amount due when reductions in the LPT rate are taken into account.

How can you pay?

No matter how you paid your 2015 LPT, you can select a different payment method for 2016. You can choose to pay in full, in a single payment or spread your payments over 2016:

  1. Deduction at source from salary or occupational pension, or from certain payments received from the Department of Social Protection or the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

  2. Monthly direct debit from a current account in a bank or certain credit unions.

  3. Making regular cash payments throughout 2016 or making a single cash payment through a payment service provider (An Post, Omnivend, Payzone or PayPoint).

  4. Paying in full by Single Debit Authority (like an electronic cheque) which will be debited by Revenue on 21 March 2016.

  5. Paying in full by Debit Card or Credit Card. Your payment will be deducted on the day you complete the transaction online.

  6. Paying in full by cheque or postal order which will be processed as soon as Revenue receives it.

The due date for paying your 2016 LPT depends on the payment method you select:

  1. 5pm on 7 January 2016: Latest date for paying in full by cash, cheque, postal order, credit card or debit card.

  2. January 2016: Phased payments by deduction at source and regular cash payments through a payment service provider to start in January.

  3. 15 January 2016: Monthly direct debit payments start and continue on 15th each month thereafter.

  4. 21 March 2016: Single Debit Authority payment deducted.

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