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You're sale agreed. Find out what's comes next.

You've spoken to the estate agent and they have told you the sellers accepted your offer. Congratulations!

While it's certainly time to pop open some bubbly it doesn't mean the journey is over. There are many other decisions that need to be made between now and when you get your keys.

  1. Send a deposit to the agent: This is the time to send a refundable deposit to the agent to show you're serious about progressing with the sale.

  2. Hire a solicitor: A good solicitor is crucial to having a smooth transaction. We can help you find highly recommended experts in your area. Click here.

  3. Find a surveyor: Get peace of mind that you're making the right purchase by getting a full report. We can connect you with experts. Click here.

  4. Choose Home insurance: Lenders will ask you to have home insurance for the property you want to buy. Click here to see our partners.

  5. Start a Mortgage Protection Policy: Also known as Life insurance your lender will require this to start before funds are transferred. Click here to get the best rates.

  6. Get your mortgage in place: Whether it's fixed or variable you can tell the bank now which type you want. Click here to read more about your options.

  7. Do a final walk-through: This is your last chance to view the home before closing. Learn what to look out for with this article.

  8. Sign the contracts: Once both parties are signed the sale is secure so it will be time to pop more champagne. You can read more about this step here.

Congrats again on getting this far and best of luck on your next steps.


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